Monday, August 6, 2012

The Game Changer

From their seats they had a pretty good view of just about everything. This night there was particular majesty about the disturbing blue sky and clouds that looked like tidal fluctuations.  The sky seemed to move in and out,  like high and low tides, forming little  pools of ocean. People often tried to put names on the shapes of those clouds, but they were simply tiny suspended liquid droplets.

For the most part, the two men sat silently watching the baseball game. In between innings, the first man asked, "What happened to you ?  It was like you disappeared ?" The second man traced the graininess of his seat with his fingertip;
and  said, he didn't know.  He just thought it didn't matter to anyone.

The first man said it did matter.  He said, "I was your friend then, I am your friend now and I will always be your friend." Those 17 words changed the second man's life forever.

You'll never see friendship, if you stop looking.

to my friend, Brad Baker